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Product name : Pre Amplifier
Item : PA-7000
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Model: PA-7000


PA-7000 is a Rack-mount Preamplifier with 4 RCA inputs and 1/4’’ mic input that brings an element of warmth and “hi-fi” to a DJ or club rig, while adding a 3-band EQ for more control over your sound! The PA-7000 also comes with one-touch controls for Mono operation, Mute, Low Cut, and Loudness feature to quick and easy audio alteration on the fly!

Pre amplifier with volume control, 3 band equalizer

* 4 inputs + 1/4” mic input with level control 

* Mute, low cut and loudness feature

* Unit Dimensions: 48.3 x 4.5 x 24.8 cm

* Weight: 3.7 kgs / 8.2 lbs

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