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Product name : Public Address Amplifier
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Model: MAP-300

MAP series model: MAP-100, MAP-200, MAP-300, MAP-400


* MAP series is co-broadcasting power amplifier with pre-amplifying, suitable for public broadcasting in various places and used for background broadcasting, its panel is of excellent design with aluminum alloy, with beautiful and dignified model, and strong structure.

* Output power: 
MAP-100: 100W
   MAP-200: 200W
   MAP-300: 300W
   MAP-400: 350W

* With USB / LCD for MP3 playing
* Built-in reliable protection circuit for shortcut and overload.
* Input level indicator in 5 LED 
* There are 3 microphone inputS; one of them is priority microphone with mute function.
* 2 line inputs, 1 line output, with 4 ways divided zone output.
* All microphone, line volume, high and low sounds can be regulated independently.
* With CHIME function on front panel and volume adjustable.
* Low-noise fan to ventilate
* Signal/Noise ratio:≥68dB
* Distortion : ≤0.1%
* Frequency response: 60Hz-16KHz  less than ±1dB
* 3 power output mode: 100V,70V,4-16Ω
* Dimension: 48.2 x 32.7 x 8.8 cm

* Weight:  MAP-100:7.45 kg / 16.42 lb, 
                 MAP-200: 9 kg / 19.84 lb, 
                 MAP-300: 10.8 kg / 23.8 lb, 
                 MAP-400: 11.4 kg / 25.13 lb

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